The space is broken up into two sides, West and East, with a small section between the two, the Pantry, and the Hallway to the outside of the spaces. Both lofts are open concept with the kitchen and common areas sharing space. 

The West Side

The West Side Loft includes a large common area with the industrial red sliding door and dining space; a  kitchen with a smaller, open sitting space next to it; four bedrooms, including the carved teak bed-frame; and a bathroom.


The East Side

The East Side Loft has a large "L" shaped common area; a recently remodeled kitchen with open shelving; two bedrooms and bathroom.

2018-03-06 14.52.55.jpg

Other Spaces

The Pantry is the space between the two lofts, with doors, allowing a walk-through space between the two lofts and can be closed off easily. Along with our decor and other supplies, there's a craft room and a bedroom. The Pantry is ideal as a holding space for film shoots taking place in one or both of the other lofts.

The Hallway runs along the outside of the lofts with large factory windows lining it. 

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Past Clients

Along with private rental groups, various still and live film production companies, and photographers; past clients have included: Refinery29, Bustle, Maybelline, PBS, History Channel, New York Times, Sony, Samsung, Ally Bank, Carol's Daughter, Airbnb, and GREATS.