the lofts:

Shell’s Loft is a series of collaborative creative spaces in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn designed for hosted events, film/photo shoots, off-site retreats, workshops, pop-ups and awesome AF dinner parties.

Originally started as a co-living space housing travelers of from around the world looking for a connected experience with locals while they visited  New York City. The space has evolved over the years growing into a collection of creative spaces available for variety of events from dinner parties to influencer mixers to workshops as well as film/ photo shoots.

We also host our own series of community events like Brown Girl Brunch, Women’s Co-Working Wednesdays, The Speakeasy, and Brooklyn Family Burger Night. Because we are passionate about community and are finally putting our space where our mouth is! Visit our Events Page to join in the fun.

the management team:

Run by a super small team of rebel brown girls, Shell Martinez (Owner & Creative Director) and Cass Lemaine (Loft Manager).

We work as a team, managing the venue and assisting our clients to produce successful events. A pair of on-site virtuosos with a passion for building community and who love using the space to connect the endlessly interesting, passionate, visionary people of Brooklyn.

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